Tiestes y Atreo

Staged & Directed by


Sala María Guerrero, Teatro Nacional Cervantes, seasons 2018-2019


Myths that conveyed us grecoromana antique, Thyestes and Atreus is accumulating all forms of horror: human sacrifice, the cannibal feast, incest, rape, cannibalism. The myth fascinated the public for six centuries old and texts that address the TiestesSeneca is the only one we have come full. In its scenic translation operation to the present hatching Emilio García Wehbi regarding the senecano materials underlines a theme that this tragedy fails to address: the parents eat the children. Why older generations, historically, eat-so symbolic to new generations? The son, who has the possibility of difference, you can discuss with the traditions and the country, is killed by the father to curtail this discussion. Filicidal in this struggle, tragedy is the law of the father. Another stress on the original: if the tragedy of Seneca all the characters are men here, Garcia Wehbi poses an entirely female cast assuming male roles, to highlight the phallocratic character of culture and tradition. By last, the struggle between Eros and Thanatos. If the tragedy of Seneca staged death, dissolution of the bodies, in the theater of García Wehbi the body is the intensity of the effect. Its scenic pictograph is always an active life: heart, contagious, erotic.

Artistic credits

Text: Emilio García Wehbi / Cast: Maricel Alvarez, Florencia Bergallo, Analía Couceyro, Carla Crespo, Erica D’Alessandro, Verónica Gerez, Cintia Hernández, Mercedes Queijeiro, Jazmín Salazar, Mía Savignano, Lola Seglin, Lucía Tomas  / Artistic assistant & video editing: Martín Antuña /  Assistant (TNA-TC): Gladys Escudero / Costumes: Belén Parra / Lighting assistant: Cecilia Font Nine / Lighting: Agnese Lozupone / Music & Sound assistant: Vanesa Del Barco / Music & Sound: Marcelo Martínez / Choreography: Celia Argüello Rena / Children’s coach: Aymará Abramovich / Photos: Gustavo Gorrini (TNA-TC) / Production TNA-TC: Santiago Carranza, Leandro Fernández / Set assistant: Ileana Telayna / Set design: Julieta Potenze / Staging & Directed by: Emilio García Wehbi