YO TE VI CAER (I SAW YOU FALL) is a text about the physical fact of falling. And about the spiritual consequences of the fall.

It’s a voice, that speaks, whispers, shouts, narrates and becomes silent. It’s the death rattle before the impact. The disappearance of the idea of character and plot.

It’s the construction of a text in the vertigo. And the destruction of the text itself. The fragmented parts of memory. The splinter.

As every impulse, the fall has a counter-force. YO TE VI CAER explores that counter-fall, the elevation, the flotation of things.

YO TE VI CAER is a pretext. A written line that provokes images and spaces to be built. It’s an inquiry within a poetic outbreak. A voice, that multiplies, dissolves or expands, and the infinite echoes. The lighting that produces a leap into the void. To succumb in order to ascend.

Fall and elevation. Chronicles of the fallen and the saved. YO TE VI CAER is a text that can ramify, break and disappear. The calm that comes after the fall, the silence.

YO TE VI CAER tries to describe all that and fails, it’s the chronicle of that failure included in its broken form. And it’s also the tenderness of the rescue. The vanishing of the word. Nothingness.




Performers: Diana Szeinblum, Santiago Loza, Emilio García Wehbi (in Valparaíso) / Music, Sound design: Marcelo Martínez / Choreography: Diana Szeinblum / Photos & Video: Nora Lezano / Lights: Lautaro Graciosi / Set supervision: Julieta Potenze / Video editing: Vasko Films / Graphic design: Leandro Ibarra / Furniture design: Analía Espiga / Set up assistant: Martín Gross / Music assistant & operation: Vanesa Del Barco / Assistants to the director: Felicitas Luna y Amalia Tercelán / Directed by Maricel Alvarez

 Fragments from the following works by Bas Jan Ader are projected: Fall I, Fall II, Broken Fall (organic) and Broken Fall (geometric).

 The production premiered in July 2013 at the TACEC / Teatro Argentino de La Plata in the frame of Panorama Sur. Further presentations at Ciudad Cultural Konex (Buenos Aires), Festival de Teatro de Rafaela (Santa Fe) and Festival Internacional de Danza de Valparaíso (Chile) took place in 2014.